Friday, August 31, 2012

Old guy falls down stairs at US Open tennis tournament

Here at Laugh At Sports, people falling down will always be a personal favorite and we had one doozy during the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

Check out this old guy breaking it down to some classic Jock Jams and not taking into account the stairs near his seat.

Watch as he slips and falls down the stair well in the upper deck:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phillies Fan Covers Her Face in Lipstick

I don't think she's blushing.  A Philadelphia Phillies fan decided to cover her face in red lipstick in support of her team.  If she's embarrassed at least no one will be able to tell if her face is red.

This is the new red scare.

Phillies fans are notorious for their wild behavior but I've never heard any complaints in the make-up department.

I'm sorry if I've been mean to this person, I certainly wouldn't want to "smear" her image.

Check this crazy fan out here:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prince Fielder and Mike Moustakas collide during play at first

Normally, huge hits are reserved for the world of professional football but sometimes a big collision can enter the world of baseball.

Last night's Royals/Tigers affair featured a collision between Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder and Kansas City Royals infielder Mike Moustakas.

As Mike attempted to beat a ground ball in the sixth inning, Fielder had made a play on the ball and went to record the out at first base.

Both of them arrived at exactly the same time and the below video shows what happens when Mike meets Prince:

Streaker Runs Through Cheerleaders' Routine

At a high school football game in El Dorado Hills, California, the Oak Ridge High School Cheerleaders were going through their routine when something unexpected happened.  No, nobody fell off of the top of the pyramid or anything like that.  A streaker decided to run through the field during their performance.

He's pretty fast.  Maybe they should sign him up for the team.

The cheerleaders seemed pretty unfazed by the streaker as they continued on with their routine.

Watch the clip here:

Brandon Crawford and Pablo Sandoval combine for amazing bobbling catch

Sometimes here on Laugh at Sports, there are bizarre plays that crack into a list we like to call funny but good.

During Wednesday night's San Francisco Giants/Houston Astros game, Giants teammates Brandon Crawford and Pablo Sandoval combined for a wild bouncing ball catch.

Watch as Pablo overruns the ball but bobbles it into the air for Crawford to make the play:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Gets Pied In the Face

Aaron Rodgers certainly wasn't doing a celebration after this interview.  While taking questions from the media, there wasn't just microphones in his face.  Packers' Fullback John Kuhn weaved through the reporters like they were the defensive line and managed to give Rodgers a face full of shaving cream (he was probably due for a shave anyways).

I wonder if Rodgers will even pass to Kuhn this season.  He better do an excellent job of blocking when it's needed.

Maybe they're just trying to get Rodgers back for all of that photo-bombing.

Check the video out here:

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker does the "Dougie"

Back in June, New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker held a ProCamps youth football camp for some kids in Peabody, Massachusetts.

During one of the breaks in the camp, the star wide receiver decided to show the kids how to do the infamous "Dougie" dance.

Watch as Welker breaks it down and shows us his smooth moves:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Umpire Thinks It's A Strikeout on 2 Strikes

With David Murphy up at the plate, a called strike was hurled across the plate.  Umpire Mark Carlson apparently thought it was the third strike... but it wasn't.  It was only the second, and after motioning that Murphy was down on strikes, Carlson quickly realized that no one else was treating it as such.

Though Carlson tried to play it off as if nothing happened, the announcers were quick to point his miscue.  Showing the replay.

You kiddin' me, ump?!?

Watch Carlson's call right here:

Tony Stewart throws helmet at Matt Kenseth's car after crash

Over the years, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has been known for his volatile personality and it appears that he decided to let some anger out during Saturday's Food City 250 at Bristol.

Nearing the end of the race, Stewart and fellow driver Matt Kenseth were neck and neck competing for first place when a crash caused both of them to spin into a wall.

As you would figure, Tony didn't exactly approve of Kenseth wrecking him and as Matt came out of pit row, Tony decided to throw his helmet at Matt's windshield:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Houston Astros have epic fielding disaster against New York Mets

This season for the Houston Astros hasn't exactly been the greatest and that statement might even be an understatement.

During Saturday's game against the New York Mets, the Astros somehow bungled an easy out into a earned run for the Mets.

Watch as Astros catcher Jason Castro and pitcher Fernando Abad nearly collided on a ground ball that gave Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey an RBI:

 (Courtesy of Sports Grid)

Prince Fielder slides past second base, gets tagged out

To note, Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder isn't exactly fleet of foot but you would at least think that he able to slide into second base properly.

During Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Angels, Fielder was trying to stretch a hit in the bottom of the second inning.

Watch as Prince tries to slide into second base but ultimately slides past the bag and gets tagged out by Erick Aybar:

Ohio State football players and intern know how to Dougie

There are few dance crazes that swept this fair nation than Cali Swag District's "Dougie" dance and if you want to see how its done, all you have to do is ask Ohio State intern football coach Sean Branick to do it.

The folks over at ESPN did an All-Access show on the Ohio State football team and caught some of the players practicing the dance in the locker room.

After the players finished dancing, Branick comes in and serves them all:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Troy Polamalu plays piano in new Head and Shoulders ad

There might not be a more fearsome player in the NFL than Steelers safety Troy Polamalu but that doesn't stop him from showing off his softer side.

Polamalu recently starred in this commercial for the shampoo company, "Head and Shoulders" and shows off his passion for tickling the ivories in the spot.

Who knew that Troy Polamalu was so deep?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cubs Fan Tries to Snag the Ball and Loses Some Scalp

Steve Bartman must be having a laugh.  A foul ball rolled to the Brewers 3rd base coach and he proceeded to throw it to the stands.  The ball didn't quite make it there and a fan tried to reach out to get it.  A fan in the front row fell head first into the dirt and actually lost part of his scalp (apparently to get his seats you need scalped tickets).

This guys maybe the second most famous Cubs fan reaching for a baseball.

Watch the video here (you might want to put a cap on):

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Giants Catcher Thinks the Inning is Over, When It's Not

After Tim Lincecum delivered a called third strike, Hector Sanchez thought is was the third out.  Sanchez proceeded to walk to the dugout as if the inning was over.  Fortunately for Sanchez he's not the most embarrassed Giant right now (that's right, Melky).  Baseball players occasionally do this, but it's rare to see the catcher forget how many outs there are.

The whole stadium seems to have a laugh.

Watch the clip here:

Phillie Phanatic dances with Spice Girls and Vanilla Ice look-a-likes

Last night, The Philadelphia Phillies decided to turn back the clock to celebrate the awesome era that was the 1990's.

During the game, the Phillie Phanatic got into the 90's spirit by decided to bust a move with some special guest look-a-likes of famous musicians from the decade.

Watch as the Phanatic gets down with a fake Vanilla Ice and fake Spice Girls:

Emporia State football players have epic water balloon fight (Video)

As we finish off the dog days of summer, some of the football players for the Emporia State Football team decided to cool off with an epic water balloon fight.

About midway through a rather hot practice, head coach Garin Higgins decided the guys needed to cool off for a bit.

So, the water balloons were dished out and the fight commenced as seen in the below clip:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marcus Stroud is Now a Personal Assistant

He was once a pro-bowl caliber defensive tackle, but now he is working as a personal assistant according to this video.  He used to play football, now he gives foot-rubs.  Watch Stroud as he tries to accomplish all of the day-to-day activities that his boss assigns to him.

It certainly looks tough.  Hopefully he can make his through the corporate ladder

Check the hilarious video out here:

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon gets pie in the face during interview

Normally, pies in the face are reserved for baseball players who had just gotten the game winning hit but it appears that the Tampa Bay Rays are updating that tradition.

Rays manager Joe Maddon was doing an interview with the fine folks over at the MLB Network when he received a pie to the face.

The culprit behind the rogue pie....Rays pitcher Joel Peralta:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barry Zito's Pitch Rolls to the Plate

You could say that this one is a ball in the dirt.  Pitching against the Padres, Giants pitcher Barry Zito was apparently trying to throw some sort of off-speed pitch, when the ball slipped out of his hands.  Zito seemed  confused when the ball wasn't traveling straight to the plate and instead was looping in the air.

The ball landed about half-way to the plate and still somehow rolled to the catcher (it must have been an easy pitch for the catcher to block at least). 

How many MPH do you think the pitch was?  Check Zito's strange changeup here:

MLB umpire James Hoye has issues throwing ball back to pitcher

Over the weekend, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates played an extra inning affair that went nineteen innings.

In the bottom of the 16th, home plate umpire James Hoye was feeling the grind of the game and had some issues throwing a ball back to Pirates pitcher Juan Cruz during his warmup tosses.

Hoye's first throw to the mound went over Cruz's head and the second one needed a leaping catch from Juan to prevent in from going into the middle of the infield:

Monday, August 20, 2012

White Sox Catcher Tyler Flowers Throws Ball Backwards

With twenty-four stolen bases on the year, Kansas City Royals' shortstop Alcides Escobar, makes stealing bases look easy.  But on this play, Chicago White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers, makes it look even easier.  While trying to throw Escobar out at second, Flowers somehow manages to throw the ball backwards.  The ball probably slipped due to the rain, just as the White Sox's reign in the AL Central is beginning to slip.

Aren't you happy that I didn't make any puns on the name "Flowers"?

Check out this bizzarre play here:

Diamondbacks rookie Ryan Wheeler hits first career home run, teammates ignore him

If you ask many Major League Baseball players, there is not greater feeling than hitting your first career home run and celebrating with your teammates.

Arizona rookie Ryan Wheeler recently hit his first career homer in a game against the Houston Astros but his teammates decided to pull a fast one on him.

As Wheeler returned to the dugout to celebrate his accomplishment, the rest of the Arizona players in the dugout pretended to ignore him:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers base running blunder turns Ryan Braun hit into out

In baseball, it is usually a good thing to know where the ball is and it appears from the below clip that Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun is going to do some talking with teammate Jonathan Lucroy about ball location the next time around.

In Saturday's Phillies/Brewers game, Ryan hit a deep drive in the 4th inning which Lucroy thought was a home run.

Lucroy's blunder caused an eventual issue for the Brew Crew on the basepaths and ended the inning as Braun was called out for running outside them:

<iframe src='' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>

Kentucky Wildcats football team has pool day, head coach Joker Phillips does backflip

As we near the end of summer, that means that most of us will have to go back to the slow pace of life and stop hanging out by the pool.

However, that doesn't mean you can't watch Kentucky head football coach Joker Phillips show off his sweet diving skills in the below video.

Watch as Joker does a full backflip into a pool among with some other interesting dives from his players:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cliff Lee takes tumble after swinging at pitch

Back on Friday, we featured a couple clips from the Yankees/Rangers game where Andruw Jones and Mike Adams had problems standing up.

Another notable name in Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee also took a tumble on Thursday night but his was more of the swinging variety.

Watch as Lee gets fooled on this pitch from Milwaukee's Jose Veras and falls down while trying to check his swing:

Friday, August 17, 2012

That's Not a Heisman Pose: TE Ben Watson Does Yoga

Network of Champions Mike Lockyer interviews Cleveland Browns Tight End, Benjamin Watson (even though Lockyer was expecting Ben's sister Emma Watson) and they decide to do some yoga.  They strike yoga poses, a conversation about Mary J. Blige and discuss Lockyer's professional sports prospects.

Sorry if you're also disappointed that Emma Watson is not in this video.

Check it out here:

Hechevarria's Catch Deserves a Highlight Wheel

Channelling "The Wizard of Oz", legendary shortstop Ozzie Smith, the Toronto Blue Jays' Third Basemen Adeiny Hechevarria performed a cartwheel after catching a pop-fly in foul territory.  Hechevarria made a heck of a play to say the least.  Losing the ball in the dome's ceiling and his balance, the Blue Jay catches the ball and his balance at the last second.

Though the hit was foul, it's fair to have a chuckle as Hechevarria demonstrates his athleticism.

Check the play out here (and please don't try this in your home):

Andruw Jones and Mike Adams have problems standing during Yankees/Rangers

Yesterday's New York Yankees/Texas Rangers gave saw not one but two players take tumbles during the game.

The first fall came courtesy of outfielder Andruw Jones who misplayed a fly ball hit by Josh Hamilton and lost it in the sun:
The second came courtesy of Rangers pitcher Michael Adams who lost his balance while trying to throw a pitch:

A Taylor Swift Olympic parody song, "We Are Never Ever Watching More Olympics"

The fine folks over at Network of Champions have put together some pretty classic parody song over the past couple of months.

The latest is this parody using Taylor Swift's latest song called, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

Now...check out, "We Are Never Ever Watching More Olympics":

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cleveland Indians pitcher Roberto Hernandez and Carlos Santana lose track of strikes

At times, you have to forgive some Major League Baseball players for losing track of the numbers of outs and balls/strikes during games.

During Wednesday night's Angels/Indians affair, Cleveland pitcher Roberto Hernandez thought that he had recorded the final out of the bottom of the second inning with a strike out of Erick Aybar.

As Hernandez and Santana both started walking off the field, they needed to be called back since it was only the second strike of the at-bat:

Miami Marlins John Buck loses bat, lands near Jimmy Rollins

Most baseball players usually can hold onto the bat but that doesn't mean they will always be able to hold onto it.

During Wednesday's Miami Marlins/Philadelphia Phillies affair, Marlins slugger John Buck was at the plate facing Roy Halladay in the fourth inning.

During the at-bat, watch as Buck loses his bat and throws it so far that it lands near Philadelphia shortstop Jimmy Rollins:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Miami Marlins 3rd Base Coach Hits the Deck

The Marlins were down to their final out against the Phillies as first basemen Carlos Lee came to the plate.  The Marlins' 3rd base coach, Joey Espada, decided to go down literally as a foul ball came his way off of Lee's bat.

Watch as Espada dives a little prematurely.  Though his team is about to lose, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen even has a laugh.

Check the clip out here:

Worst Penalty Kick Ever? Red Bull Salzburg's Jonathan Soriano airmails one into stands

The penalty kick for most soccer players can be an easy affair but there are some players who have issues trying to put the ball in the back of the net with only the goalie to stop them.

Check out this Austrian soccer player by the name of Jonathan Soriano playing for Red Bull Salzburg in a match against Rapid Vienna last weekend.

Soraino had a penalty kick at the 81st minute and was ready to strike the ball into the net. Instead, he hit the soccer ball over the goal by a few feet and provides us with a classic penalty kick miscalculation:
(Courtesy of Holdout Sports)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London mayor Boris Johnson dances to the Spice Girls

Nearing the end of the closing ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the Spice Girls decided to liven things up a bit with their classic hit, "Spice Up Your Life".

During their on stage spectacle, television camera caught mayor Boris Johnson getting down to the song and showing off his smooth dance moves.

Get down with it, Mr. Johnson:

David Cone knows some of the lyrics to "Rapper's Delight"

If I'm being complete honest, I didn't think that former New York Yankees pitcher David Cone was down with rap music.

However, he recently showed while doing color commentary for the YES Network that he is down with some classic rap.

Check out Cone dropping some lyrical knowledge of the classic rap hit by the Sugar Hill Gang, "Rapper's Delight":

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oleksandr Usyk celebrates winning Olympic boxing matches through dance

There might not have been a more excited person at the 2012 Summer Olympic games than Ukrainian boxer Olkesandr Usyk.

Usyk took home heavyweight gold at the Olympics and during his final two victories, Usyk decided to celebrate his wins with some awesome dance moves.

Check them out in the below compilation along with his half mohawk:

Baron Davis reveals "Top 5 Olympic Gymnastic Moments" with Kerri Strug

Since NBA player Baron Davis isn't playing for Team USA in the Olympics, he's been helping out the fine folks over at Network of Champions with some rather hilarious viral videos.

Watch as Baron Davis turns into Brian Davies and breaks down the top five Olympic gymnastic moments of all-time.

Plus, there's a special cameo from USA gymnastics hero Kerri Strug:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic discus thrower Robert Harting celebrated gold medal with some hurdle jumping

German discus thrower Robert Harting was able to achieve a gold medal in London and clearly, he was excited to earn that medal.

Watch as Harting after being announced as the gold medalist decides to celebrate with a rather memorable celebratory victory sprint.

The sprint took Harting through the 200-meter hurdling course while it was being set up and Robert decided to clear some:
Prior to that run, Harting also celebrated in front of the press by ripping his shirt off:

Olympic female weighlifter urinates during lift

If you know anything about weighlifting, lifting a huge amount of weight can put a toll on the human body and it might even cause someone to go number two on themselves.

Check out Ecuadorian weighlifter Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero urinating on herself after attempting a lift at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The video is not that long, so pay close attention:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Toronto Blue Jays Kelly Johnson gets hit in the head with single

As it has been previously noted on this site, Major League Baseball players getting with balls will never get old.

During Friday's Yankees/Blue Jays affair, New York catcher Russell Martin hit a line drive single which Toronto's Kelly Johnson attempted to catch.

Johnson must have lost the ball in the lights at the Rogers Centre since the ball ends up hitting him right in the head:

This was Lochte's Year, at least according to one guy's YouTube Video

Does Carly Ray Jepsen ever get old? Opinions on that go back and forth, but if you think Call Me Maybe parodies are just as awesome now as they were a few months ago, then this song may be for you. Coming into the Olympics, everyone was talking about Michael Phelps. But hey, there's a new kid in town, and this videographer just wanted to let people know.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jose Reyes loses ball in sun, gets hit in the back by ball

We all have heard of baseball players blaming the sun for them making an error but it appears that Miami Marlins shortstop Jose Reyes has reasonable excuse this time around.

During Thursday's Mets/Marlins game at CitiField, Jose Reyes was attempting to track down a fly ball hit by David Wright.

Watch as Reyes misplays the ball which decides to find him by hitting him right in the back:

Kenyan runner Ezekiel Kemboi just wants to dance

There are many things that you can call Olympic runner Ezekiel Kemboi of Kenya but not a good dancer isn't one of them.

After winning the 3000m steeplechase, Kemboi decided to bust out a rather awesome celebratory dance to commerate his gold medal.

It is clear to us that Kemboi has moves like Jagger:

MLB umpire gets hit in head with pitch, loses track of count

Previously on Laugh at Sports, we featured some clips of Major League Baseball players losing track of outs but in this clip, an umpire loses track of the game but he has a pretty good reason why.

During Wednesday's Athletics/Angels game, home plate umpire Bill Miller was struck in the face by a pitch from Angels hurler Zach Grienke.

Miller however stayed in the game but had a little some issues remembering the batter's count behind the dish after getting plunked

(Courtesy of Bloguin)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jeff Francoeur steals popcorn from fan after going for foul ball

For most Major League Baseball players, they usually wait till after the game to grab a snack or two but Kansas City Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur got some popcorn during the game.

It happened in the eighth inning of last night's Chicago White Sox/Kansas City Royals game as Francoeur attempted to chase down a foul ball.

Watch as Jeff takes some kernels from one of the fan's in the front row:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stephan Feck's Olympic dive goes horribly wrong

In case you thought we ran out of funny Olympic moments, you would be mistaken as we have another classic video from the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Check out diver Stephan Feck who attempts a dive that goes horribly wrong as he has a mishap during the attempt.

Watch as he lands flat on his back:

Houston Astros can't field a bunt, give up winning run

Let's be honest Houston Astros fans, your team is pretty terrible and last night's loss to the Washington Nationals provided us here at Laugh At Sports with another memorable blunder.

Watch as the Astros try to field a bunt from Kurt Suzuki in the top of the 11th inning which ended up being thrown into the outfield and allowed Roger Bernadina to score from first.

Even the Bad News Bears would have done better:

Washington Nationals pitcher Tyler Clippard falls off mound during pitch

As it has been previously noted here on Laugh At Sports, we love it when Major League Baseball players take a tumble during games.

During Monday night's Houston Astros/Washington Nationals affair, Nationals closer Tyler Clippard was trying to shut the door on a Houston comeback.

As he prepared to fire a pitch to Houston's Matt Downs, Tyler had a little bit of problems with his balance:

Boston Red Sox fan takes foul ball to the mouth

Over the years, Boston Red Sox fans have felt the pain of the "Curse of the Bambino" but one Sox fan in particular felt the wrath of a foul ball to the mouth.

It happened yesterday as Boston's Adrian Gonzales was at the plate and lined a ball down the right field line.

Keep an eye on the kid in the red shirt in the front row as he takes it off the face and then disappears from sight due to the pain:


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