Friday, September 28, 2012

Yankees' Nova Throws a Fastball Through the Catcher's Glove

The Yankees are trying to bust open the pennant race.  On Thursday against the Toronto Blue Jays, Ivan Nova busted Russell Martin's catcher's mitt.  The glove is currently the second Mitt that's busting in a race right now.

The webbing of the glove seems to have been completely torn apart.  Maybe the Astros have been playing with broken gloves all year.

If that ball was a strike it probably would have hurt.

Watch the play right here:

NFL replacement refs get "Call Me Maybe" parody song

Just when you thought that you could avoid yet another parody song about the NFL replacement referees, a "Call Me Maybe" parody has come to light.

A Minnesota man by the name of Seth Haake working with KFAN 100.3 FM recently put together this NFL replacement ref parody song using the Carly Rae Jepsen hit.

It has only been posted for under a week but it has garnered over 500,000 hits:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nationals' Gio Gonzalez Falls Down on Wild Pitch

En route to his 20th victory of the season, Gio Gonzalez had a quite a stumble.  The Washington Nationals Pitcher fell down as he threw a wild pitch.  Come on, Gio, keep your head up.

Fortunately, he was able to bounce back by bouncing one in the dirt to strike out the batter.

This play made their trade with the A's worth it for me.

Lie down and watch the play right here:

In Memory of the NFL Replacement Refs

The NFL replacement referees had a good run, but they got called back because they called a penalty on themselves.

Time passes pretty fast when you have no idea whether it was a touchdown or interception.

By now we all know that the replacement refs are done in the NFL.  They crossed the picket line and the NFL has called offsides.  Who can blame them?  They probably wouldn't have been able to catch it anyways.

To celebrate the amazing time they spent in the NFL, we have a very funny video for you to watch.

RIP RIPlacement refs!

Ichiro Hits a Groundball Into the Pitcher's Shirt

I thought a t-shirt tag was annoying.  Can you imagine having a ground-ball in your shirt?

In a game between the New York Yankees and Oakland A's, Ichiro Suzuki ripped a pitch by Jarrod Parker up the middle.  At least it didn't rip Parker's shirt.

Ichiro tucked in an infield single.  What's worse: throwing a ball in the dirt or having a ball in the shirt?

At least Jarrod Parker got to strike a Napoleon pose in the end.

Watch this bizarre play right here:

Conan O'Brien mocks NFL Replacement Refs...Again

For the last two night's, late night talk show host Conan O'Brien has really laid into the NFL replacement referees and provided us with two classic videos for our fair sports humor website.

Watch as Conan shows us some of the worst "fake" NFL replacement refs.
If you thought that the real replacement refs were bad, you need to see these fakes take it to a whole other level:

Yankees Eric Chavez loses track of outs, jogs off field

Previously on Laugh At Sports, we've posted a couple of clips showing Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, and Twins infielder Brian Dozier losing track of the number of outs during Major League Baseball games.

The latest victim was New York Yankees third baseman Eric Chavez back on Tuesday against the Minnesota Twins.

In the fifth inning of play with only one out, Chavez fielded a ground ball with runners on first and second base. Eric tagged third base to record the second out but for some reason thought that his tag had ended the inning.

Watch as Eric's brain cramp causes him to jog off the diamond for a brief period of time:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFL replacement referee orientation didn't go well

Previously on Laugh At Sports, we have posted some classic video from our friends over at Network of Champions.

In this clip, they imagine what the NFL replacement referee orientation would have been like if cameras were let in and the referees weren't exactly ready for the job.

Below is the hilarious results of that vision and to be fair in a bizarro world, that's probably what it looked like:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Every NFL Fan's Take of Week 3

Well, Week 3 was certainly weird.  It had what may be considered the most controversial call in NFL history during the Packers-Seahawks game.  Fortunately, you can make a good call by watching NOC's week 3 installment of "Every Fan of the NFL".

Packers fans definitely need a good laugh.  The replacement refs certainly have an "off-hands" approach to touchdowns

Get your hands on this Hail Mary right here.  Also, leave a comment letting us know how you feel about your favorite team:

NFL replacement referee parody song to Flo Rida's "Whistle"

After the entire Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football Hail Mary fiasco, the fine folks over at the Network of Champions put together this classic parody song.

They used the hit song by rapper Flo Rida called, "Whistle" as the inspiration and provides the world of the Internet with a replacement referee diddy for the ages.

Now here it is, "Whistle, Let Me Ref":

Detroit Tigers Jose Valverde holds onto ball during pitch

Back on Sunday night, Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde forgot one of the cardinal rules of pitching against the Minnesota Twins.

In the tenth inning with two outs, Valverde was on the hill attempting to close out a 2-1 victory and facing Minnesota slugger Joe Mauer.

During the first pitch of the at-bat, Valverde looked ready to fire a fastball past Mauer but forgot to let go of the pitch:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pablo Sandoval Dives into the the Stands, Blows Bubbles

The San Francisco Giants third basemen, Pablo Sandoval, made a catch with a flavor that will last.  A Padres' hitter launched a pop fly that was almost out of play, but the Panda came into rescue it.

Sandoval's mouth was full the whole time with a bubble gum, and a fan in the stands almost got a mouth full of Sandoval's cleats.

Having your at-bat end on a play like that must be more upsetting than having gum on your shoe.

What a catch!  Not only could I have not made the catch, I can't even blow a bubble.

Watch the Panda in action right here:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Miami Dolphins Jared Odrick does "Pee Wee Herman" dance after sack (Video)

One thing that I know about NFL players is that they love to celebrate their accomplishments and Miami Dolphins defensive end Jared Odrick pulled out a classic celebration.

Odrick took down New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez earlier today and decided to bust out the classic dance performed by actor Paul Reubens.

Better known as Pee Wee Herman:

Bubba Watson hits fan with shot, signs glove that says "Thanks"

Sometimes, sports fans can be in the wrong place and the wrong time.

One golf fanatic was just minding his own business at the second round of the PGA Tour Championship on Friday in Atlanta when he got hit by Bubba Watson's second shot on the fourth hole.

The golfing gods did smile on Bubba since the ball bounced off the fan's hat and landed about eight feet from the hole.

Thanks to that lucky bounce, the fan got an autographed glove from the 2012 Masters winner:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chipper Jones receives kiss on cheek from Freddie Freeman during Kiss Cam

As the Chipper Jones farewell tour continues through Major League Baseball, the Miami Marlins decided to give Chipper the ultimate tribute by putting him on the kiss cam.

Watch as teammate Freddie Freeman notices the opportunity to plant a kiss on Chipper thanks to the cam and goes for the cheek kiss.

To give credit to Chipper, he didn't shy away from it:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tampa Bay Rays Have Star Trek Night

Well I'm not sure how many light years the Tampa Bay Rays are from a playoff berth, but they hosted a Star Trek Night at a game on Thursday.

It makes sense since Joe Maddon commands the team like Captain Kirk and I've always thought that JP Howell kind of looked like a Tribble (did they call triples "Tribbles"?  That would have been good.  Actually it probably would have seemed as stupid as the other puns I've used).

Note all of the Star Trek characters with your captain's log:

Conan's Take on the NFL Replacement Refs

The replace NFL referees have been given a lot of criticism.  I'm sure that you've felt they blew a call that hurt your team's chances of winning.

The other night, Conan O'Brien gave his hilarious take on the performance of the referees.

It's pretty funny.

Check it out right here:

Travis Snider breaks PNC Park sign with foul ball

Back on Thursday, Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Travis Snider had a very interesting first at-bat that claimed the life of one of the letters in PNC Park sign behind the backstop.

Snider was facing Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers and fouled off a pitch that took out the "A" in the sign.

There is no word if the letters "P and R" attended the funeral:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Every Fan of the NFL's Reaction to Week 2

The folks at NOC are back with every fan's reaction to Week 2.

This hilarious video seems to encapsulate what every team's fan is going through right now.  I know all too well (I won't reveal which team I like).

Leave some comments to let us know how you feel about your favorite team.

Watch the video right here:

Vernon Wells tries to rob home run, falls over wall

Sometimes, Major League Baseball players go beyond the call of duty to rob home runs and Los Angeles Angels outfielder Vernon Wells definitely went beyond the call last night against the Texas Rangers.

In the third inning of play, Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler was at the plate and launched a deep drive into the left field seats.

Vernon did his best to try to bring the ball back and leaped into the stands. Instead of making the play, the ball went over his head and Mr. Wells found himself in the stands:

Tennessee Volunteers football fan loses bet, forced to sing Cyndi Lauper song

Over the weekend, the Tennessee Volunteers football team blew a lead against the University of Florida and ended up losing by the score of 37-20.

There was one Tennessee super fan who wasn't pleased with that outcome since he lost a bet that caused him some YouTube shame in the process.

The fan's YouTube persona is "BigVOLdaddy" and here he is singing Cyndi Lauper's, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun":

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ole Miss streaker gets tackled by police

A streaker during the Texas and Ole Miss football game the other day got taken down.  Hard.  And I don't think he was wearing any pads.

There'll probably be more streakers after this game because from the looks of it this guy had some forward motion.

How do you think the security felt about tackling a naked guy? Do you think there's a defensive line that they'll never cross?

Here's the hard hit here:

Robinson Cano scares Alex Rodriguez in dugout

There are sometimes where Major League Baseball players need to watch their backs but this is not one of those posts.

Last week as the Yankees took on the Boston Red Sox, Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez were hanging out in the dugout when Robinson decided to hug A-Rod from behind.

Watch Alex's reaction to the hug not realizing that is was Cano:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hoodie guy photobombs Alex Smith during postgame interview

There have been some pretty classic photobombs over the years but this one during Sunday night's San Francisco 49ers/Detroit Lions postgame might be the best.

NBC's Michelle Tafoya was doing an interview with 49ers quarterback Alex Smith and wide receiver Michael Crabtree when an unknown individual in a hoodie was keeping a watchful eye behind them.

We still don't know who he is or the reason why he's on the field, just enjoy his staring performance courtesy of the San Francisco Weekly:

Paper Airplane Stalls Brewers/Mets Game

Talk about a flight delay.  A game between the Mets and Brewers was delayed when a paper airplane flew on to the field.

The hitter, Aramis Ramirez, stepped out of the box to allow the airplane to be taken off of the field.

It's a pretty big one.  I'm glad it didn't hit anyone in the eye.

Watch the clip right here:

Baby and Puppy: Week 2 Predictions

The swamis are back for week 2.  See how their predictions lined up.  And most importantly, see whose predictions won out.

This is the most important moment of the Monday morning following Week 2.

Make sure to watch this clip and see if the puppy or baby at picking winners than you are.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Johnson throws wild pitch during intentional walk

Most of the time when a Major League Baseball pitcher throws a wild pitch, it usually because he's trying to get the batter out.

Back on Sunday night, Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Jim Johnson threw a wild pitch during an intentional walk of all places.

It happened in the seventh inning as Johnson tried to set up a double play with an intentional walk of Oakland A's outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. However, that plan went awry when one of Johnson's pitches went over the head of Orioles catcher Matt Wieters by a couple of feet:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jacoby Jones has a juggling touchdown celebration (Video)

There are many ways to celebrate a touchdown in the National Football League and Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones decided to show off his fake juggling skills in this clip.

After catching a second quarter touchdown pass from Joe Flacco, Jones started his celebration in front of the Philadelphia Eagles fans.

I wonder if Jones has any circus relatives in his family:

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley catches incompletion, spikes it

Last night, University of Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray didn't exactly have the best game of his career against the University of Florida.

Nearing the end of the game, Bray threw an incomplete pass towards the Volunteer sidelines which was caught by head coach Derek Dooley.

Watch as Dooley's frustration with Bray's play causes him to spike the ball:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh, Snap: Division 2 Punter Has Trouble Catching the Ball

It's tough to be a Division II punter.  Let's get that out of the way.  It's also been said that being a long-snapper is the easiest path to getting in the NFL.

Bowie St. had some trouble on this 4th down situation.  The punter, Gregor Koepping had a little trouble handling the ball.  Maybe it was supposed to be a trick play.

This is a funny GIF so don't let it get you down.

Check the video out down here:

Cameraman nearly gets hit by Austin Kearns bat

Back on Monday night, one cameraman covering the Philadelphia Phillies game against the Miami Marlins got a rude awakening when a flying bat nearly hit him.

The incident happened in the eighth inning when Miami Marlins hitter Austin Kearns was at the plate and lost his bat while swinging at an 0-1 pitch.

The bat would fly near the third base side of the Marlins dugout at Citizens Bank Park and nearly took out a cameraman sitting in the camera well:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

High school football streaker uses getaway car to run from the cops

Previously on Laugh At Sports, we've featured some rather classic streaker moments but this one has a classic ending from our friends at Total Pro Sports.

Check out this Florida high school streaker who decided to run across a high school football field and did his best to escape from one police officer.

Watch as he hops the fence and then gets a ride away from the stadium in a getaway car:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

University of Cincinnati Trumpet Player Falls on turf

During a Cincinnati football game this weekend, a Trumpet player was seen playing along with the band without the use of his whole instrument.

Well apparently his instrument became unusable because he fell down the stairs on his way to the field. Maybe he was just trying to do a QB kneel.

I guess I don't know any trumpet jokes.  I know, it blows.

Watch the clip here:

Brandon Weeden Gets Stuck Under the American Flag

Hey, I thought there was no tackling in flag football?!?  Brandon Weeden got caught under the American flag as it was being displayed on the field before the game.

He got sacked before the game even started.

Where was the O-Line to come protect him?

He's got to scramble a little bit more if he's going to have a good rookie season.

Salute this clip right here:

Monday Night Football Week 1 Matchups Decided Between A Dog and a Baby

Who is the ultimate football pick'em?  A baby or a puppy?

Sometimes you just need an unconventional swami.  I sometimes do.

Of course taking advice from two creatures that can't take care of their own feces can be little tough at times, this video sure makes it worth it.

The folks over at NOC put this together and you'll definitely enjoy it.

Every NFL fan reacts to week 1 of the 2012 NFL season (Video)

Previously on Laugh At Sports, we have posted some pretty funny videos from the folks over at Network of Champions.

In this clip,  Brendan Eyre of the NOC recaps the entirety of week one in the 2012 National Football League season in the eyes of the fans.

Personally, my favorite was his reaction about the Philadelphia Eagles/Cleveland Browns game:
We have also included the original video from our sister site, Outside the Boxscore:

Cincinnati Reds fans howl during game

No, that wasn't a pack of wild dogs you heard during Monday's Cincinnati Reds game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It was a group of fans near the outfield that decided to start howling as the game went into extra innings.

The howling became so loud that you could hear during the broadcast and might have been unbearable if you were watching the game on television:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice runs into Monday Night Football cameraman after touchdown

As the National Football League's week one came to end last night, the Baltimore Ravens cruised to a blowout win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

Late in the game, Baltimore running back Ray Rice scored a short touchdown run and got ready to celebrate his score.

Meanwhile, an NFL cameraman decided to get a close-up of Ray but actually got too close as Ray's helmet bumped into the camera and sent him backwards:

(Courtesy of Ride The Pine)

Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost calls to the bullpen, confusion ensues

A Major League Baseball manager has plenty of things to keep track of during a game and one of those things is knowing what pitchers he has available in the bullpen.

During last Friday's Royals/Rangers affair, Kansas City manager Ned Yost left his post in the dugout to call on a new pitcher in the ninth inning.

Yost signaled for a right-hand pitcher but the only problem was that the Royals had two right-handers warming up and Ned didn't specify who.

That caused this interesting scene on the mound of Kauffman Stadium:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chicago Bears tailgate has stripper pole fail (Video)

For the many NFL tailgates that I've attended over the years, I've never actually seen a stripper pole at one of them.

However, the below video from a Chicago Bears tailgate over the weekend shows one rather limber Bears fan trying to work that pole.

Sadly for the female fan on her way down, she lost control of the pole and was sent to earth:

High School Football Referee Gets Hit In the Head By Quarterback's Pass

Football teams run drills during the offseason, and this referee got drilled during the game.  The team has not won in the past 31 games and they continued the streak with this one.

Do the referees need to start wearing helmets?

Who would have thought that this team's hardest hit would happen on offense.

Check the clip out here:

This post was made by Referee Thompson.

Rob Gronkowski needs help with his spike celebration

As the first week of the NFL season provided us with many memorable moments, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski scored his first touchdown on this impressive catch against the Tennessee Titans.

After Rob secured the score, he attempted to perform one of the classic traditions in American football by spiking the ball.

The only problem for Gronk was his inability to get the spike to work:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jeff Van Gundy preaches about how you shouldn't take your brother's toys

We've all been there before.  A sibling or a friend messes with you a bit too much and it gets on your nerves.  More often than not, you get over that offense and things are all good in the end.

For Jeff Van Gundy, some offenses are too large to forget.  And when Rajon Rondo messes with the Miami Heat by heading to their huddle during a timeout, JVG takes the opportunity to air his grievances with the immature brothers of the world.  Makes you wonder if his older brother Stan messed with him a bit too much as a kid.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Colorado Rockies lose game on pitcher/catcher exchange (Video)

In the annals of baseball history, teams and players have lost games based on some pretty stupid reasons but the below clip from Thursday's Rockies/Braves game might take the cake.

Atlanta had runners on second and third in the second inning, when Colorado pitcher Jhoulys Chacin missed a routine throw from catcher Wilin Rosario and the ball scooted into the outfield.

Braves base runner Juan Francisco scored on the error and Atlanta would end up winning the game on that lone run:

The Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez "Payphone" parody you've been waiting for

Previously on Laugh at Sports, we have posted some rather funny clips from our friends over at the Network of Champions.

In the below clip, a song parody talking about the Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez situation with the New York Jets uses the Maroon 5 hit, "Payphone".

So for your listening pleasure, here is "I'm in the endzone":

Paul Pierce takes advantage of some fan hospitality, steals drink from fan

When people run Marathons, it's typical for there to be water stations aligned along the course to help keep the runners hydrated.  For some reason that idea has never been implemented in any of the major American sports, but Paul Pierce makes the case for such an idea in the NBA in this video.  I wonder how much the lady made for her water bottle on Ebay?


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cow Runs Onto the Field During Soccer Match

A cow ran onto the field of a soccer game in Poland earlier this week.  Fans seemed almost more amused than they were during the match.  Some of the players tried to chase the cow, but that was probably because it was offsides.

It's probably hard to kick a soccer ball when you lack toes.

Cow-tipping would certainly get you a red card.

I'd say that they told the cow to "moooove" but that joke would be too cheesy.

Milk your enjoyment of the clip right here:

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez takes tumble in Marlins outfield

Previously on Laugh At Sports, we have featured some clips of MLB players falling down while trying to track down balls or running the bases.

In this clip from Wednesday night's Miami Marlins/Milwaukee Brewers game, Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez took a tumble but wasn't exactly involved in the play.

In the 7th inning of play, Miami's Greg Dobbs lined a single up the middle and keep an eye on center field during the replay:


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