Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cincinnati Reds fans howl during game

No, that wasn't a pack of wild dogs you heard during Monday's Cincinnati Reds game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It was a group of fans near the outfield that decided to start howling as the game went into extra innings.

The howling became so loud that you could hear during the broadcast and might have been unbearable if you were watching the game on television:


Thanks for posting the origins of the Cincinnati Howl. This stuck and now everyone in Cincinnati is doing it at the Reds game. I just wish they would do it only when the opposing team is batting though.

Thanks for posting this!

This needs to be stopped. Anyone howling should be removed from the game immediately and have it made clear to them they will not be allowed to come back. This is stupid people acting stupid and even stupider people not doing anything to stop it. I have a MLB package and watch lots of games. Never again will I watch the Reds, it's simply unbearably annoying and stupid to listen to. Looking forward to hearing that the Reds lose in the playoffs. Wooo!

Once TV ratings and ticket sales drop, they should stop it - if they were drunk and doing it, they'd be kicked out, so why not still kick them out sober ?!

Those doing it aren't real Reds fans - it makes the Reds look like moronic rednecks. They are only doing it to be stupid. So, success in that category. Wait til a fight breaks out from people wanting it to stop.

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